Auckland’s  Remediation & weathertightness Specialist

We will help you upgrade, restore and improve your home without requiring a council consent, increasing its value while making it a healthier and safer place to live.

Do you have a weathertightness issue?

445 Property Group is a dedicated Auckland non-consented weathertightness and remediation specialist. We will help you upgrade, restore and improve your home, increasing its value while making it a healthier and safer place to live.  445 Property Group is a one-stop shop who will organise all the trades. Call us to discuss your problems or concerns around your leaky home. Fixing leaky homes and decks is what we do and we’re here to help.

targeted remediation

Targeted Remediation

If only part of your home is compromised, such as a deck, or joinery past its use by date, we can provide a targeted repair solution, especially if a full building reclad does not make economic sense.

leaky deck and parapet repairs auckland


Every deck and roof is unique. Often there are different solutions to fixing these high-risk areas. Let’s discuss the most ideal solution for you, based on your budget and circumstances.

plaster repair and painting

plaster repair & painting

Your cladding is the last line of defence to keeping moisture out and making your home look presentable. We can help restore your plaster cladding, whether it requires targeted plaster repairs and a repaint, or something more extensive and durable.

leaky homes auckland

Full & Partial Reclads

Fixing leaky homes and restoring older buildings is what we do. Every home and building material has a lifespan, so if it’s viable, consider a reclad. We can get it done and provide you with a 10-year weathertight warranty.

do you have

To make your home safe and sound, we’ll focus our efforts not just on the finished product, but on each and every crucial step involved in the process of fixing leaky homes.  We speciaise in finding solutions which do not require a council consent. We’re available Auckland wide, so call us to help come up with an effective solution for your place.


If you have a leaky deck or a home with weathertightness issues, we’re here to help you. We understand your home is likely to be your biggest investment, so let us take the stress away and find a cost-effective solution that works for you.

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When it comes to fixing leaky homes, at 445 Property Group we have the experience and know-how to ensure a top-quality, thorough job that will leave you with a warm, dry, weather-tight home you can be proud of.

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